About Us

Robert Davis, Owner
Hello! I’m Robert, owner of Zool Computing. I started out in computers right after graduating high school in 1997 when I joined the U.S. Navy. I proudly served as a computer technician and satellite network specialist on the supply ship U.S.N.S. Saturn. Right after serving four years, I came back home and started college at Murray State University, in the spring of 2001. I knew the hardware side of computers, but really wanted to get into the software side, so I decided to major in computer science. I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in December of 2006. It was then that I decided to start a business building affordable websites for small businesses.

One of the things that I saw first-hand is the financial struggle that small business owners face. Investing in that new piece of equipment that you need, the latest financial software package that your accountant is using and wants you to also start using, that new computer when the one you have is getting older and isn’t adequate any longer, can be a really hard thing to do.

I can remember also the struggles of reliability that small business owners face when dealing with larger corporations. Try calling tech support for a large computer firm! The person on the other end of the phone might be trying to help, but can you understand their accent? If your computer went down, how long does it take for the big business to honor their warranty?

What about flexibility? As a small business owner, I understand that we have to be flexible in getting the job done because it could mean a difference between paying a bill that’s due, or even providing for your family and “waiting until the next business day”. Do you know of any large corporation that is flexible enough to know your needs and work with you?

These are the things that I wanted in a small business: affordability, flexibility and reliability. These simple concepts are what I founded this business upon. We offer affordable website services, while understanding the needs of fellow small business owners. We are flexible in terms, the services you want and more. What about reliability? Here’s a good question: how many times can you call the owner of a large firm on a Saturday afternoon, about a problem with the service you’ve been receiving? As the owner of Zool Computing, I am not afraid to answer my phone on a Saturday afternoon. There are plenty of times that I have met clients after dinner to discus the needs of their websites. I have even answered my phone for clients on Sunday evenings.

Reliability? When we way we will call you back on a certain day and time, be sure that we will keep our word and call. Flexibility? When something comes up and you are really busy, but would like to meet on a Saturday afternoon, you can bet we will be there. Affordability? We have several options for making sure your website is affordable and exceeds your expectations.

This is who we are: we ARE affordable, flexible and reliable. We may have a silly name, but we provide serious website services.

For more information, you can view download our Terms of Service and view our FAQ page.