When you go to buy a car, you have several options to choose. Do you go for a certain car that gets better gas mileage or get an SUV? Do you want a sunroof? What about horsepower? How about leather interior instead of cloth? When you go to buy a car, are you presented with several options or are you pushed into a set few vehicles?

The same thing applies to websites. Instead of being pushed into something that may not suit your needs, you should have a choice in exactly what goes into your website. One of the things we offer is choice. When you invest your money into a website, you can choose from our large library of customizable themes, or you can go “all out” with the “Cadillac” option – a website that is designed completely from scratch.

Lamb Funeral HomeWe do offer a large library of customizable themes which are a great economical way to start with a website project. Because all of our themes are fully customizable, we can guarantee that the theme you choose and the end result will never look like someone else’s website. It’s like building a house. You can hire a contractor who has several floor plans to choose from. Sure, the floor plan is the same that another person might be using, but you can always pick out a different color brick or vinyl siding, different color shutters, even a darker shade of green grass. The same thing applies to our themes. We have may “floor plans” to choose from, but when we are finished, your website is exactly what you imagine.

What about the “Cadillac” option? If you really want to go “all out” and want something that has never been built before, we can do that too! Just like the contractor that can design a brand-new floor plan, we can build a brand-new floor plan for your website. You also have the luxury of knowing that the “Cadillac” will never be built like it again – giving you that extra bit of unique look and feel.