5 things to ask your web developer

Hmmm…. 5 things you should ask your web developer.

1. Do I have a choice in how I want my website designed and built?
Absolutely you should ask this! You are the one paying for it, so you should have a choice! Do we go to a contractor and say “build me a house” sign the contract and check and walk away until it’s done? Absolutely not! You sit down and pick out the color of the brick or vinyl siding, the color of the shutters, the interior paint, hardwood or carpet, etc. You invested a lot of resources into your house, therefore you have every right to know exactly what is going into the house. The same thing applies for a website. You should be able to sit down and meet and talk with every person involved with the development of the website. You should be able to choose whether you want something completely fresh from the ground up, or is there a way to customize a theme that you really like. We at Zool Computing offer you a choice. If you want to save some money but really want a nice looking website, we have a large library of fully customizable website themes that will not look like someone else’s work. If you want to go “all out”, we can certainly build a website from scratch. It’s your choice.

2. If something should happen to you, God forbid, what happens to my website that I host with you?
We never EVER hope or want something bad to happen to anyone. This is a very important question to ask. If something were to happen to the web developer, who’s going to take over the website? There are so many cases of websites simply vanishing when something happens to the developer. That can really reflect badly on your business. We at Zool Computing have taken safe guards to ensure that, God forbid, if the Apocalypse should happen today, nothing will ever happen to your website. You will get a copy on CD upon launch day so that you are fully protected and can have your website brought back up in a matter of a day.

3. What if we should part ways? Is my website somehow tied to your system? Do you “hijack” the code?
There is nothing worse than trying to move your cell phone service from one provider to another. You might have to buy a new phone, sign yet another 2-year contract, on top of the priceless cost of headache and lost time. We at Zool Computing do not ever tie your website to some system that you will never get it back. Some companies develop your website and install it in their custom CMS (content management system), only that if you should leave their service, you can’t get your website back. All that causes is a bad taste in your mouth and ours. All of our websites follow a strict standard and are not tied to any custom CMS system. If you want a website attached to a CMS, we only use WordPress. WordPress is a standard CMS that 99.9999% of all hosting companies support. We build all websites in a programming language that virtually any and all hosting systems support. If you should decide to leave our service for whatever reason, we are REQUIRED to give you a fully updated copy on CD the entire website, including any database program needed to run it.

4. Let’s say I have a website problem and it’s a Saturday afternoon. Do I have to wait until the next business day to get it resolved?
Ah, the next business day excuse…. Most every corporation will play that card quicker than anything out there. Small business owners at times have a problem that simply can’t wait until “the next business day” to get it resolved. We at Zool Computing understand that problems never wait until the next business day. The only time I, as the owner, have personally not answered the phone, is either when I am sleeping or at church. If I don’t answer the phone, I will always return my messages in a timely manner. Yes, that even means calling on a Sunday night after church. In fact, one of our clients called my phone at 8:30 Sunday night needing something fixed. It was fixed that night.

5. What kind of guarantee do you offer me that the work is actually going to get done?
When building a house, are we going to just give someone $150,000 to build a house and walk away? Why should we do that with anything? When you sit down with us and are ready to get a website started, we have contracts that protect you as well as us. You get to sign both copies and keep one. This is our guarantee. You have it right in front of you. You will know when the work should be finished and ready for your review. You will know each and every step we take, and will receive several updates along the way. We love communication and we love making sure you are actively involved with the entire process.

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I am a Navy veteran and a 2006 graduate of Murray State University. I've worked in the programming and web development field now for 5 years. I absolutely love it! I am a happily married man to my wife Amanda. We have one child Jonathan and are truly blessed to have him in our lives.
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