Older technology and reliability

Back in college I fell in love with a certain fruit and its products. The artistic approach to the design of the hardware, the secure software both appealed to me. I’m talking about Apple. I’m talking about computers that make computer science majors envy and graphic design majors drool. No I’m not referring to the new Intel Mac computers. I am talking about the older Powermac computers. Today’s Apple computers seem like over-dressed commoners with the Intel processors. The older Powermac computers, with the PowerPC architecture had a sense of class that still appeal to me.

I know that the PowerPC architecture is no longer supported by major companies, but I also know that the older technology had a sense of reliability that still cannot be matched. It is that sense of reliability why I still use the older Powermac G5 computers. It is that sense of reliability that I also give all my clients. At Zool Computing it is all about reliability. Consider it old school if you will, but that is the way we do business. We use the most reliable proven technologies to develop all of our websites. We find that the more reliable technology is also the most flexible. This is another aspect that we give all clients.

So, when someone asks why you aren’t going with a hip and fresh company tell them: “We like it old school.” Go with what works best for your website. Go with Zool Computing.